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About Us


The interiors of Hotel Victoria materialize the work of the outstanding carpenters of Tirana, who have personalised by hand every wooden detail under the authenticity of this object.


The rooms’ commodity and comfort was taken care of by the furnishers and talented carpenters of Tirana, Dibra, Korca and Kruja, who have joined in their work tradition elements identified with the European cultures.


The Hotel Facilities were also aesthetically treated through works by traditional and contemporary Albanian painters and artists. As the center of the attraction serves the suite dedicated to the great Albanian artist, friend of Hotel Victoria, Ibrahim Kodra.

A brief history

Hotel Victoria after the strong rehabilitation intervention would like to give its visitors not only the “routine” service but something more.

During more than one year of treatment and restoration works on Hotel Victoria, the managerial staff and project specialists have tried to present in this objects small part of the old and new Albanian culture, through the state-to-the-art techniques.

This attempt was not carried out as usual, by plainly collecting and displaying museum shapes of the traditional elements. We tried to bring this message in a completely different form, materializing in this object the work of distinguished masters of the Albanian tradition.
All construction works were carried out by outstanding Golloborda’s masters ( the Dibra region), who in respect to the Tirana hospitality took care of the white façade of “harasoni”, adorned with mallows, bringing in memory the nostalgia of the streets, of this beautiful city. The trend of “gigantic”, luckily has not tempted the ideator of the building and the hotel offers us a human size, “small”, “warm”, simple and comfortably a “home”.

In the warm and quiet facilities of bars, restaurants, or terrace we cared to have unique elements to the detail, but the surprise it is not into this, instead they are in the service offered by the careful staff and most of all our famous cuisine master.